Clipart - Set Hockey

Clipart - Set Hockey

Wow! This set includes: 300 PNG files!
Featuring all popular national hockey teams, this themed clipart is great for sublimation, printing, digital planners, creating stickers, designing digital artwork and commercial works!
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Clipart - Set Hockey

Key Features

Includes: 300 Files!

- Skin tones in light, medium and dark.
- Pose is singular, flip the image to create secondary girls.
- Diverse eyes, lips, eyebrows, pupils, and hairstyles in an array of colors.
- Popular team jersey sweaters
- Basic toques + basic hoodies included
- Flannels for jeans, or ripped jeans as an option

How to Download

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What You'll Get:

  • Untrimmed Image Files: Our artwork files are presented just as the artist intended, untrimmed and full of artistic potential. Every stroke and detail is preserved, allowing you to shape your vision.
  • Layer Support: These image files are designed for the creative at heart. They are easily stackable within applications that support layers, such as Procreate or Photoshop. Empower your imagination and bring your artistic ideas to life effortlessly.

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Standard Commercial - Usage License: This collection is intended for personal use and small craft businesses. It's suitable for personal and small commercial use, limited to printing fewer than 500 copies. For larger commercial projects, please purchase a commercial license. Redistribution or resale of these digital images in their original format is not permitted. Resale is only allowed for physical goods (e.g., paper postcards, T-shirt printing, posters, etc.). You may not claim these images as your own; this product is created and owned by Kristin Joy.

Hand-Drawn Illustrations

Discover a world of creativity with our exclusive collection of hand-drawn artworks, all brought to life by the talented artist, Kristin Joy. Each piece is a unique expression of artistry and a labor of love.

Please Note:

  • Authenticity: All the drawings in this collection are 100% hand-drawn by the artist, Kristin Joy. You'll find her signature touch in every stroke and detail.
  • Copyright Protection: These artworks are not to be reproduced or sold in a competitive manner. They are protected by copyright laws, ensuring the artist's creative integrity.
  • Respect the Artist's Work: We kindly ask that you respect the artist's dedication and refrain from any unauthorized reproduction or resale. Any infringements will be handled in accordance with applicable laws.

Celebrate the beauty of art with these unique and original drawings. Bring a touch of Kristin Joy's creativity into your space and appreciate the effort and passion that goes into each creation.

Thank you for supporting the arts and honoring the artist's work.